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  • Will i be required to produce a video for the practical?
    Yes, without video evidence you WILL NOT pass the course.
  • How long after completing the theory does the practical need submitting?
    You have 6 months to complete all steps including the practical assessment.
  • What happens if i don't complete the course in the 6 months?
    You will need to repurchase if you wanted to continue with the course.
  • Are the courses insurable and accredited?
  • Can i use my certificate to sign up to wholesalers?
    Yes, most will accept your certificate.
  • Does the builder gel course cover extensions?
    Yes, extensions using tips.
  • Do the courses come with the kits?
    No you will need to purchase the kit separately. These are available to purchase on our website.
  • Can i use a dummy hand?
    Yes either a dummy hand, your own hands or someone else's hands.
  • Can i use a nail drill/E-file?
    No you WILL NOT pass the course if a nail drill is used. Hand file only.
  • When will i receive my certificate after submitting my practical?
    Allow up to 48 hours to have your practical assessed and certificate issued.
  • Can i send just photo's of my work instead of video's?
  • Do i have to film the full set?
    I will need to see every step followed on the course theory, it is optional if you want to send a full video or individual clips and this can also be sped up via the app InShot.
  • Do i need to use NBC brand to complete the course?
    No you can use any brand.
  • Will i need to use a base coat with the builder gel?
    Yes, as this is a hard builder gel we recommend to use a base coat.
  • What type of builder gel is it?
    Hard builder gel.
  • How do i remove the hard builder gel?
    We recommend filing the bulk down and soaking in acetone.
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